I woke up with a start.

Gasping desperately for breath. I could feel the sweat droplets dripping down my face, slowly slithering across my cheekbones. 

But my body was trembling, I was shivering with fear that gripped my entire being. A chill ran down my spine as the remenants of the blood curdling nightmare lingered in my mind.

And as my eyes adjusted to the darkness in my room, my heart seemed to stop.  My life flashed before my eyes and all I felt was sheer terror.

The same bloody eyes I dreamt of were staring right at me from my bedroom’s doorway. 

A beat.

Horrifying talons ascended upon my chest, pierced through my chest and straight to my heart. I couldn’t even scream.

The last thing I heard was a sinister hiss

You were a fool to summon me’

That night,

another feast for the devil at the hands of a silly little ouija board.

Filia Diaboli

Lucie’s mother- Rouella was a single parent, she never found out who Lucie’s father was, it wasn’t until few months into pregnancy that Rouella figured there was a life growing inside her. It wasn’t that Rouella never thought of tracking down Lucie’s father but it was rather impossible to do so. One can only imagine the perplexity of the situation when Rouella- who swore to celibacy and did not have any recollection  of  indulging in sexual activities suddenly found out she was going to bear a child.

After a whirlwind of uproar, societal scrutiny, painful (both literally and metaphorically) days, Rouella pulled through all obstacles and gave birth to Lucie.
Lucie – oh what a lovely child, people simply adored her-a sweet little girl with angelic features, deep blue eyes and gorgeous raven hair.

It was the 6th of February, Lucie’s 6th birthday.

As the sun began to set, the clock struck six and

Lucie blew out the flickering candles perched

    meticulously on her birthday cake.


7th February, Sunday
It was around noon when Rouella lazily blinked out remnants of sleep from her eyes. Rouella made quick work of bathing and cleaning the house before a 6 year old ball of energy decided to wake up and demand her mother’s attention. With most chores done after about an hour or so, Rouella made way outside to water the bed of roses planted by Lucie in the garden.
What awaited Rouella was however a strange and disturbing sight, quite opposite to that of the beauty of red roses.
Gone was the magnificent patch of alluring red, all that’s left in its place were wilted petals, shrinked up to an ugly shade of black- as if they were poisoned, the thorns much more prominent than before.  The sight of five crows lying dead with their entrails forming a vague pentagram, added to the ominous situation.
Petrified, Rouella found herself unable to move as an eerie chill ran down her spine. It wasn’t until Lucie’s call for her mother resonated through the house that Rouella found her senses back. She could not let her daughter witness the grotesque sight, mustering whatever parental instinct she had, rouella dug up a pit, buried the crows and ruined roses. Luckily enough, Lucie entered the backyard just as Rouella put away the shovel.
Greeted by her daughter’s innocent smile, Rouella decided to forget about the horrible incident and prayed for a better day ahead.
Little did she know, her prayer was in vain.

It was after lunch that the second incident happened.
Rouella was doing the dishes when the tap started to show signs of blockage. The water came out in spurts and eventually stopped as the tap made a groaning sound. With a frustrated sigh, Rouella bent down to open up the drainage pipe.
What a terrible decision it was.
With a fearful gasp Rouella haphazardly shut the drainage and backed away until her back hit the kitchen wall. Rouella was still breathing heavily when she heard a giggle, looking in the hallway she found Lucie perched upon the flight of stairs near the kitchen. Lucie was merrily playing with her dolls.
For the sake of her daughter, Rouella decided to deal with the horrible wasp nest inside the drainage pipe only after she dropped Lucie at one of her friend’s place.
It was 2 hours later after Rouella dropped Lucie off at Cheryl’s place that the drainage pipe was clean, thanks to the local plumber. Once she paid for the services, Rouella decided it would be best to head down to the local park where Cheryl and the kids were. Considering how horrible her day had been so far, Rouella hoped to seek some solace by spending time with cheerful children.
Oh, how fickle Rouella’s hope was.
Arriving at the park, all color drained from Rouella’s face as she set eyes upon the scene infront of her. Everyone was huddled together in a small circle, surrounding the body of an unconscious little boy, Rouella did not recognize. The boy’s arm was twisted at an odd angle, not in a way that it would have been twisted while playing but as if someone had used a large amount of force to break the child’s forearm from its joint. The boy’s mother was wailing excruciatingly loud when an ambulance arrived. Fortunately, the medics were quick to act, lifting the boy into the ambulance, they disappeared out of sight in no time.
It wasn’t until the murmuring of other parents soothing their children fell onto Rouella’s ears that she snapped out of shock. She thought of Lucie and how she must be terrified , oh her poor little girl. Rouella was quick to spot her daughter sitting alone near one of the swing set, her expression blank. She rushed to her daughter and scooped Lucie into her arms muttering reassurances whilst caressing her back.
Still clutching her child, Rouella made way outside the park, she caught sight of Cheryl looking in their direction, she nodded in her direction, only to receive a terrified expression in return. She did not think much about it, too busy trying not to break right then and there thinking about  the awful events of that day.
Exhausted and drained both mentally and physically, Rouella wordlessly tucked Lucie into bed and herself collapsed onto the living room couch-too worn out to even make way to her room upstairs. Within seconds Rouella slipped into a deep slumber.
She did not see Lucie staring at her from the living room’s threshold.
She did not see Lucie carrying a knife almost as big as her.
She did not see Lucie plunge the deadly blade into her body.
She did see Lucie’s maniacal grin.
With horror written all over face, the last thing Rouella saw was her daughter’s face morphed into what resembled a fallen angel.
 Sat upon her bed Lucie played with the set of pliers she used to kill those crows and successfully perform an infernal ritual.
The roses had wilted at her touch as she stepped into the patch to spread out the birds’ entails.
The moon glow giving a deadly white sheen to her face.
Sensing her birth, the wasps had arrived to protect her, for wasps guarded witches wherever they went.
She had giggled at Rouella’s horrified expression.
That boy was causing annoyance, he wouldn’t let Lucie play on the swing set.
So she took revenge, sweet sweet revenge.
In order to fully re incarnate, Lucie had to sacrifice a human with a pure soul.
Rouella-  the perfect offering.

It was a day after her sixth b’day,

It was a day after her re-incarnation

as Lucifer’s daughter.

Lucie reeked of havoc.


-Divjot Kaur