I woke up with a start.

Gasping desperately for breath. I could feel the sweat droplets dripping down my face, slowly slithering across my cheekbones. 

But my body was trembling, I was shivering with fear that gripped my entire being. A chill ran down my spine as the remenants of the blood curdling nightmare lingered in my mind.

And as my eyes adjusted to the darkness in my room, my heart seemed to stop.  My life flashed before my eyes and all I felt was sheer terror.

The same bloody eyes I dreamt of were staring right at me from my bedroom’s doorway. 

A beat.

Horrifying talons ascended upon my chest, pierced through my chest and straight to my heart. I couldn’t even scream.

The last thing I heard was a sinister hiss

You were a fool to summon me’

That night,

another feast for the devil at the hands of a silly little ouija board.


In a world that never stops, I often find myself struggling to keep up. Frustration clawing at my mind and heart, I find myself in an incomprehensible haze.

But in such situations what keeps me going is your ever grounding presence.

You sense that I’m upset, you understand that I don’t want to talk at the moment. All you do is let me lay my head on your lap. I close my eyes, lose myself in the gentle caress of your fingers and serene melody of your voice falling on my ears. I feel at ease.

Was it a long day, you ask me. I respond with a feeble nod and fall into the familiar warmth of your arms. The feel like home. The sensation of your palm rubbing my back with utmost tenderness lulls me to a soundless sleep and I feel at ease.

Fear spreads through my body, seldom I panic. Seldom I’m afraid of what’s to come,my fingers tremble out of anxiety. But your hand finds mine, clasping around it in a strong yet careful hold. You sit behind me, my back against you, supporting me and I feel at ease.

Waking up from a restless sleep I feel a weight around my waist. It’s your arm wrapped around me protectively as if all you want to do is shield me from the nightmares. Tracing along the length of your arm I feel you shifting. You are awake, I turn around and look into your eyes. They shine with unconditional love and it matches the soft curve of your smile.

In that moment I knew you were my anchor and I felt at ease