An epiphany

She, I think ​                                       A big nose, chubby cheeks,too small a mouth, pretty eyes.

She, I think
Constant tapping of the fingers, doodles here and there. Silence surrounds but the mind is too loud with pondering.

She, I think
Clumsy and awkward,
unapologetic and candid
Perhaps not always

She, I think
Bold in showering compliments
Bashful in being its reciever

She, I think
An anxious achiever armed with an average skill set

She, I think
Scared and Struggling to experiment

She, I think
Treads up a rocky terrain, hesitant to play in the rain

She, I think
Miles to travel to reach her full potential

She, I think
Needs to jump over those inhibitions,  quit being in vexation

She, I think
Once tasted the blithesome state of being  true to herself

She, I think
Needs to relocate the sparkle, needs to relocate herself

She, I think
Will grab the damn reins again and whisk away, for it’s been too long a tedious break

She, I think
Started this epiphany because of her friend

She, I think
As I think about myself.

Shades of Life

No canvas is complete without blotches of black and grey, if anything the contrast enhances the brighter colors


It’s like lying on your bed at 2am, trying to fall asleep.
But failing as the voices in your head wouldn’t stop.

It’s like gazing out of a window, unfocused hazy eyes, too exhausted and now blank,
Bereft of any emotion.

It’s like a paralytic state,
unable to move your limbs.
Unable to process any thought.
Unable to feel anything.


It’s the call that beckons you towards darkness.
A propelling force, pushing you towards the cliff.
You jump off because in the dark you don’t see the thorns below.

It’s the smile on your face when you impale yourself with the sharpness below.
It feels good to replace a pained soul with a pained body.
Much easier, or so it seems.

It’s the state of inability,
Inability to awaken the zest for life.


We paint around the black and grey lines of our lives, we splash brights spots all across the canvas and form a master piece.


It’s the caress of a warm hand as if sunshine illuminating your face.
It’s the gentle embrace of the one you love as if the winds embracing your waist.

It’s holding on to family and friends, for they are the sun when the sky seems grey.


It’s the laugh of a small child, filled with unadulterated glee.
It’s like winning at a carnival game.
It’s the delight in one’s eyes as they eat their favourite cookie.

It’s happiness in its simplest forms.


It’s the passion in strokes of a painting,so bright
It’s the passion in words of a poetry,so moving
It’s the passion in dance movements, so strong.

It’s the passion that urges us to live life to the fullest, embrace love without hesitance.


It’s enlightenmemt, finding yourself amongst the chaos.
It’s peace, with the need to reform oneself.
It’s acceptance, of flaws within you.
It’s determination, to be better.

It’s purity,
Because it’s loving self and the potential to be the best version of oneself.