Black Tinted Glasses

I donned those black tinted glasses

laughter echoing in the air
Mirth resounds in this fair
The twitch of my lips
enough to prevent any slips

I donned the black tinted glasses
To hide the anxious eyes wondering If i looked right
Result of clogged insecurities
Caused by feeling of inadequacy

I donned the black tinted glasses
To hide the sunken crescents under my eyes
result of endless sleepless nights
caused by the constant buzzing in my mind

I donned the black tinted glasses
To obscure the redness of my eyes
result of unbridled tears
caused by those who fed me lies

I donned the black tinted glasses
And they prevented me from seeing beyond darkness

One day,
I broke those black tinted glasses
Snapped by dainty, unwavering fingers
that carried lot more strength
than  I could  have envisioned

And I replaced them.


I don my clear glittery glasses

To Match with my loud outfit
To coordinate with my jovial spirit
There is no falter in my stride
As I maneuver over every tide
Endurance burning through my veins
ready to venture through rocky lanes

Those clear glittery glasses,
are not a veil over my persona
but a reflection of the
ignited sparkle

in my irises


A/N-  I am lookig for artwork to go with this piece. Contact if you want to collaborate !!

An epiphany

She, I think ​                                       A big nose, chubby cheeks,too small a mouth, pretty eyes.

She, I think
Constant tapping of the fingers, doodles here and there. Silence surrounds but the mind is too loud with pondering.

She, I think
Clumsy and awkward,
unapologetic and candid
Perhaps not always

She, I think
Bold in showering compliments
Bashful in being its reciever

She, I think
An anxious achiever armed with an average skill set

She, I think
Scared and Struggling to experiment

She, I think
Treads up a rocky terrain, hesitant to play in the rain

She, I think
Miles to travel to reach her full potential

She, I think
Needs to jump over those inhibitions,  quit being in vexation

She, I think
Once tasted the blithesome state of being  true to herself

She, I think
Needs to relocate the sparkle, needs to relocate herself

She, I think
Will grab the damn reins again and whisk away, for it’s been too long a tedious break

She, I think
Started this epiphany because of her friend

She, I think
As I think about myself.

Learning To Fly..

I stood on the threshold to self acceptance,
Fidgeting, wide eyes filled with nervousness.
A stone’s throw away you appeared and broke my assurance.

I froze,rigid, filled with terror as you mocked my eccentricities,
More unsure than ever I backed away haphazardly.
You paid attention to my flaws, disregarded my qualities.

As you landed one blow after the other, questioned my legitimacy, lowered my dignity,
I shrinked away.
I couldn’t look into my own eyes with even a tinge of sincerity.

With trembling fingers I wiped my tears,
took an oath to fight for years.
No more, I said to myself.
Grabbed the rein of my life,
marched past mockery
Determined to taste victory.

I haven’t yet conquered the terror of worthlessness and rejection,
Seldom your words still pull the trigger
And I descend into a spiral of self degradation.

But now I have got wings,
And I am learning to soar
past the whirlwind
of words so demeaning.