A parody poem on the typical wedding scene in India


It was once a palace they say,

So we gave our guests a three night stay.

The décor was sculpted from literal ice,

Was it extravagant and grandiose?

Enough to make people stare and marvel twice.

And did it cost a heavy price?

Well, safe to say, now our bank balance doesn’t feel so nice


A suitable date needs to be decided

So we consult an astrologer and are guided

by planets and stars that float light years away.

Turns out, the only auspicious day is a Tuesday

But then guests can’t make it to the three night stay

So Pay an extra 100, the astrologer says

And the stars will ensure the weekend becomes your wedding day


The baarat arrives after an hour of delay

Presenting a 50 minute dance sequence in front of the hotel gateway

With pomp and show the ceremonies commence

Busy with the buffet, guests gaze at the proceedings

with interest that is pretense.

Then the bride and groom sit on throne like chairs

Acting as a selfie booth for dolled up relatives that come in pairs.

Smiles are feigned

And the couple is chained

by societal expectations

that strain their marital unification.

published at @inksword.magazine on Instagram

© @_theponderingkitten_


Under the glimmering night sky
a soft white curtain
stood unnoticed at the edge of a street,
fluttering as if lulled by the serene wind.
And it tells a forbidden tale,
of two silhouettes in love.

Two tentative heads peek at its edge ,
bent towards each other in careful speculation.
Emerge out of shadows the two figures,
behind the curtain standing at polar ends.

A song begins thrumming through their veins
electric energy buzzing through the air
and an amorous duet commences.
Two steps forward, a step to the side,
distance closing in with passionate strides
Arm’s length away, a halt.
Bodies shift in a coy fashion,
dancing along the rhythmic beats of their hearts,
It’s a melodic display of infatuation.

A twist and a twirl
they slink closer and closer
A hairs breath away, hands clasped back in self restraint
Chests heaving in laboured breath
movements charming each other in a flirtatious display.

The end of a verse
hands freeing from their back
two silhouettes collide like stars in space,
creating a universe for themselves
away from this prejudiced place.

On the shimmering curtain
they become smaller and smaller
walked away with
their fingers knitted together,
and heart strings strumming
in symphony

This lovely tale of two dancing silhouettes,
became a secret of the universe.
Away from the prying judgement of narrow eyes
of those who failed to understand love.

Black Tinted Glasses

I donned those black tinted glasses

laughter echoing in the air
Mirth resounds in this fair
The twitch of my lips
enough to prevent any slips

I donned the black tinted glasses
To hide the anxious eyes wondering If i looked right
Result of clogged insecurities
Caused by feeling of inadequacy

I donned the black tinted glasses
To hide the sunken crescents under my eyes
result of endless sleepless nights
caused by the constant buzzing in my mind

I donned the black tinted glasses
To obscure the redness of my eyes
result of unbridled tears
caused by those who fed me lies

I donned the black tinted glasses
And they prevented me from seeing beyond darkness

One day,
I broke those black tinted glasses
Snapped by dainty, unwavering fingers
that carried lot more strength
than  I could  have envisioned

And I replaced them.


I don my clear glittery glasses

To Match with my loud outfit
To coordinate with my jovial spirit
There is no falter in my stride
As I maneuver over every tide
Endurance burning through my veins
ready to venture through rocky lanes

Those clear glittery glasses,
are not a veil over my persona
but a reflection of the
ignited sparkle

in my irises


A/N-  I am lookig for artwork to go with this piece. Contact if you want to collaborate !!

More than just a trend..

​Stared at with predatory eyes
Made uncomfortable in public sights
Privacy invaded without any remorse
Themselves upon me those fiends force

A catcall, a crude remark
A brush of fingers none too accidental
Muffled screams of protest in the dark
That ever present shadow cannot  be co-incidental

Much more and much worse has been endured
In a constant fear many have lived
Stayed silent for they might have been censured
For victim blaming often left the sinner unscathed

This nightmare isn’t just yours or mine
Faced by thouands, a never ending line
#metoo isn’t just a trend
It’s a loud message that is long due unsent

‘Harrasment is an issue large than we think
Deserves an action of more than just a blink’

A cry for help

The days seemed to be passing away in an inexplicable haze. 

An incessant pounding in my head, as I try to navigate through this maze.

This ominous maze, filled with anxiety oozing out of long buried insecurities.

Why now, after all this time spent building myself so many  safe cities.

Cities of confidence, cities of happiness, cities of determination.

All damaged inside me, left behind this havoc-a broken nation.
My vision is blinded by my flaws

This hollow feeling holding onto me  with its claws.

Sunken eyes, frowning lips

A pallor resembling an eclipse.
What is going on ? 

This isn’t me

Lost and tired is all I feel

A cry for help it might be, 

When all a person wants is to drown in a sea.
All that’s needed is a friend who will hear,

And ease the process to mend one’s tear.

// The girl who loves to write, 

Seems to have lost her might.

All she seems to await is the night.

For the darkness  blends in with her pitiful sight. //

Inner Demons


that was her facade,

of pessimism she wasn’t capable

 that was the exterior she  made. 

Her family and friends never knew,

 Of the battles in her mind. 

Within her the secrets grew, 

her thoughts were never kind. 

3 am, wide awake.

Lying lifeless on her bed. 

Seldom her body would shake 

And mind would fill with dread. 

She gave up, couldn’t bear, 

the hatred for her own reflection. 

Exhaling the last breath of air, 

she slipped into endless meditation.


        ~An old 2 am scribble~

Learning To Fly..

I stood on the threshold to self acceptance,
Fidgeting, wide eyes filled with nervousness.
A stone’s throw away you appeared and broke my assurance.

I froze,rigid, filled with terror as you mocked my eccentricities,
More unsure than ever I backed away haphazardly.
You paid attention to my flaws, disregarded my qualities.

As you landed one blow after the other, questioned my legitimacy, lowered my dignity,
I shrinked away.
I couldn’t look into my own eyes with even a tinge of sincerity.

With trembling fingers I wiped my tears,
took an oath to fight for years.
No more, I said to myself.
Grabbed the rein of my life,
marched past mockery
Determined to taste victory.

I haven’t yet conquered the terror of worthlessness and rejection,
Seldom your words still pull the trigger
And I descend into a spiral of self degradation.

But now I have got wings,
And I am learning to soar
past the whirlwind
of words so demeaning.



Friendship Epiphanies

The first time I saw you ..

Clueless eyes scanned the room, it was your first day.
You sat alone,your eyes filled with curiousity
Since the very first day your presence demanded attention, you burned brighter than the rest of us
Or atleast that’s what I percieved.

Tentative yet determined, I waddled upto you, curled my finger through my hair as that’s what little kids did when struck with nervousness.
We bonded over stationary and biscuits because what else would a 7 year old worry about.
Like salt and pepper, our duo settled into a comfortable rhythm.
The first time I felt angry towards you ..

Friends for years, never once had we fought. Never once had we given each other the silent treatment, that was until middle school.
The knot of our friendship wasn’t so simple anymore, it loosened, entwined with other threads that caught our attention.
The knot slipped once, we gave each other the cold shoulder. The new threads were vibrant but they never formed a knot.
We put some strain, our threads stretched, we learnt how to use value the entwined threads as they tightened our own knots.

The time we spent together..

Friendship is so much more than banter over coffee.
It’s a beautiful blend of two paintings, each with a distinct style and color pallete but when put together, they compliment each other in the best way possible.
Our paintings may have blemishes, a brush stroke gone wrong, but it’s nothing that can’t be fixed.
And that’s what friendship is, accepting flaws and encouraging each other to embrace them and paint over them with just the right shades.

The time I understood our friendship …

Our friendship isn’t about carrying each other to a hill top, it’s about making sure we make it to the top on our own.
It’s about climbing up that mountain on our own terms but enjoying the sunrise together.