I once saw a celestial being

Standing on the edge of a cliff

As if looking over the world, seeing

Reveling in what mortals have made of it .

And he seemed to carry a great sorrow

shoulders hunched and posture stiff.

With his back towards me, I could see the divine wings

white as snow, shimmering under the sun

they were adorned with gold, like robes of a king

but drooped like a peasant’s head in court

aligning with the angle of his head,

bent in deep resolution.

A split second,

And he moved.

Wings outstretched to their full glory,

Back straightened into a n alert stance

And his head turned towards me.

Captivated, I froze under the glance

of his eyes that were like molten gold orbs

with a midas’ touch of their own.

His heavenly gaze flicked away as if in guilt

While mine lingered and swept over that crystal face,

The slope of his nose, angles of his cheek

And the slant of his mouth,

All dripping with such divine grace

I wish I could have lived longer in that moment

Paused time for all of eternity

but alas it could only become my last memory

after all,

the angle of death had come to see me.

He spoke with a mournful voice

it’s a curse, I’m sorry you saw me

a tear ran down his face

as my soul left my flesh

and I thought to myself

there couldn’t have been a better

end to my story

than dying at the mercy

of witnessing such lethal beauty.


Photo Edit by @dangitkhushi on instagram

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