The final year student rant

Something to know about me-

I am in my final year of school (that’s 12th grade in India). We have a system of ‘board exams’.

The thing about board exams is they seem to go on for a decade because of how much importance is put on them ever since high school (9th grade onwards) starts.

And there’s a whole other discussion about how they are not the only definable criteria even though it is literally what everyone talks about and the entire schooling leads upto this final exam.


This rant is not about to discuss that.

I am currently in the prep zone as I like to call it. There’s like 3 weeks to my first final exam and I am 100% a stress blob and it has been a little over a month since I posted something on my blog or really did any passionate writing. A few scribbles here and there, sure but I haven’t got around to making them even remotely comprehensive.

It’s not even that I am studying day and night, I am just floating on this grey cloud surrounded by just space. A void. And I just can’t do anything.

My mind has this odd sensation, like something is missing, which now that I think maybe was writing something or reading a novel.

See these two things are so central to my existence that my entire system felt a bolt was missing or something.

Sure watching a fantastic movie sometimes works as a substitute but I can’t do that all the time either, you know boards and all.So I guess this rant is nothing but me trying to let some things out and just write my thoughts out.

Afterall, the kitten can. ponder only for so long and not express it somewhere before feeling like her mind exploded.

Anyway, that’s about it. Here’s to hoping and working for a good final exam season (aka boards).

Best of luck to any other 12th graders reading this ( I feel you bro)

4 thoughts on “The final year student rant

  1. I may not be a 12th grader but I feel you too bro. I am a (in denial) 10th grader. It is like my body has refused to study. I remember studying for 8hours straight in class 8 finals but now can’t sit still for more than 8 minutes. I hate boards.

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